In all the time I have vaped, on electronic cigarettes, it has always been a constant search for what works best for me. The key I found is to keep looking, as money allows, and move up to one that completely satisfies you. Electronic cigarette information is out on the web everywhere. All you have to do is be willing, and have the time to do your own research. I have spent time over the last couple years feeling great about my e-cig, and other times feeling like it is lacking in one way or another. The key to enjoy vaping for yourself, is not what works best for me, but what works best for you. Hopefully I can shed some light on my journey to help point you in the right direction so you too can find your perfect ecig vaping pleasure.
The first thing you will do is likely move up to, or start with some type of an ego kit. These are great starting places, as they do produce decent vapor, and the batteries will last a long time. If you get the stronger ones, you can have a battery that will last you all day. That is step one.. getting past the charge every couple of hours stage. ( That drove me nuts)
Then I found that the vivi nova held a lot more e liquid than say a C-4 or C-6 clearomizer, and that was cool, because I could go out all day and not need to carry a bottle of juice with me to refill later on. Your mileage may very… many people do not like the bulk or size of a vivi nova, and it took me a couple of days to get used to it. I did find however that I enjoy more of an airy vape, meaning, I like more air flow than a lot of people and the vivi nova is a bit lacking in that department. However, I haven’t found a better tank atomizer yet, so it is my go to guy for leaving the house.
When at home, I do put on my corsair dripping atomizer though, because I really enjoy the higher air flow it has. Now, with micro coils, it is really doing an awesome job for me too. I mean a lot of good vapor and flavor. But for you, you may enjoy the smaller clearomizers that go with your ego batteries. No problem there. It is all about what works best for you.
If you are curious though, and want a lot more information, or have specific questions you want answered, and do not have a vapers store in your area, where do you go? That is simple. You have the whole world at your finger tips. Just hop on the web and crawl over to a good forum and read away, and ask your questions. Please make sure to use the search feature first though, or people may hop in and bad mouth you for not taking the time to look something up that has been asked ever and over. It is not nice, but some people just are that way…
The best forum I have found to date is the main electronic cigarette forum at There you will find information on literally everything you could ever think to ask, and a whole lot more. I have been to other ecig forums and have found many to have rude posters and not to my liking at all. This one has so much more information than any of the others I have found also, so it works out well. I actually read this forum for about a year before I wanted to make a post, so then I finally signed up.
The great thing about it, is I think this may be one of the first forums that was built for electronic cigarette users, and therefore it is one of, if not the largest one out there. Tons and tons of great information just waiting to be had. Go have a look and continue your journey of vaping, to find your most satisfying vape.
Keep vaping! and thank you for coming by.
Tim L