My wife and I were talking tonight after dinner, and she mentioned something that I should write about for beginners. After she said it, it was like a no brain-er, and I am trying to figure out why it wasn’t one of my first blog posts… But there is something important you should understand about going from smoking a pack or two a day, to vaping. Especially when you test your first e-cig out at a vaping store. Even more so, if you have a smokers cough or other breathing issues.
The first time you go into a vapors store to check out electric cigarettes, and test some flavors to see which one you want to start with, your going to come up to a small stumbling block if you are like most of us. You walk up to the counter, they hand you some sampler e-cig, and you pick a flavor to test out, then you take a big deep drag on it, and wallah… your choking your head off.
Don’t worry, it is completely normal at first. It is a different thing you are taking into your lungs, and they are not used to it. It takes a few more puffs (smaller ones) and you should be fine.
My wife was the first of us to take a trial drag at the flea market shop, then me. She did not choke up like I did at all. But, I have to use an inhaler a lot due to industrial lung issues from being around a boat yard that sanded bottom paint off of the boats, and I have a lot of copper dust in my lungs that will not come out. On top of that, I was smoking a pack and a half to two packs a day. Duh…
Okay, so I knew I needed to get off of the cigarettes and I would breath a lot better. Quitting just wasn’t working. I tried patches, gums, lozenges, and even paid a couple hundred bucks once for a hypnotist. Yeah, nothing worked for me or my wife. Over the years, we tried everything on the market, including going to smoking cessation classes at a hospital (twice), and we still smoked. However, these electronic cigarettes that I heard of many years before, but could never find, sounded like the ticket I needed to get away from cigarettes for good.
So far it is working very well for me. It only took a day to say I was not going to smoke any more. We took our cigarettes and tossed the last of them, and woke up the next day with nothing but our ego kits and started vaping. My cough went away that day, and I use my inhaler about 1/10th as much as I used to. I can breath a lot better now, and one of these days, I will completely move away from the nicotine.
My wife on the other hand, just hasn’t found what will work for her yet. She keeps breaking down and buying cigarettes every month or two, and then quits again. She just needs to sample more flavors and find one that does not hurt her throat. Once she does, I am sure she will get completely off of regular (analog) cigs too. Yes, I have smokes a few when she has them, but I clearly prefer my e-cigs over a real cig now days, and have no problem with not buying them at all.
I am not saying that these will for sure be the ticket for you to quit smoking. What I am saying, is that if you really want to get off of regular cigarettes, but can’t break the habit, this may be the best alternative for you too. If you break down and buy real cigarettes again, just smoke some, then go back to the e-cigs, and keep at it. It is clearly harder for some to quit than others, but if you keep at it, eventually you may win. You have the right to try, and these are clearly safer, with over 4000 less chemicals than a standard cigarette has.
If it is your time to check out electronic cigarettes, then give it a try and see how you like it. If you do like it, spend the money to get what works best for you, so you can work away from, or stop smoking completely. It is not a smoking cessation plan that is approved by the government yet, but it seems to have better success rates than anything else on the market, from the research and studies I have read. At it’s worst, it is a better, healthier, or at least safer alternative to smoking actual cigarettes.
Good luck and keep up with my blog, as I will be putting all kinds of tips and reviews on this site. I hope to start making some videos some time soon too. We will see how that goes… I am not sure how good my camera is.
Thank you for stopping by,
Tim L