Golden Vapors has now expanded and we have opened our second location, so, I figured a locations page would be a good thing for our site.

Golden Vapors store in Cleveland Tn.

Golden Vapors, Cleveland Tn., is our main store, and lab. It is located at 3525 Keith st. nw, Suite M, in Cleveland, Tn., 37312,  in the Northwood Plaza. Just north of Raider Drive.

If your headed past Cleveland, on Interstate 75 south bound, hop off at exit 27, and take a left… go past lowes, and turn right at the next major intersection at Walmart, and that is Keith Street.  Come down exactly 1 mile past Wal-Marts stop light, and we will be on your right side.

It is simple to get back to I-75 headed south too..  Just turn right, leaving our parking lot, and go to the second stop light. Turn right, and the freeway is 1.5 miles or so, on your left.

Easy access for big rigs…  we have drivers all the time that stop into our store, because we have a nice wide breakdown lane in front of our shopping center, that makes for a great place for a semi to pull over, get their vape juice or other needs, and head back down the road.  Come in and see us!

For north bound drivers, get off on exit 25, and turn right.  Drive about 1.5 miles, and be in the left lane. You will see a Regions bank, big lots, and other things on your left..  turn Left at that stop light.  Come up about 1.5 miles, in the left lane.  You will pass a BP gas station at a stop light.  Our plaza is the very next left turn lane past that stoplight with the BP station.

Continue north on Keith street when leaving our plaza and turn left just past Wal-Mart, and the interstate will be on your right, in about 1.5 miles or so.  We hope to see you soon!


Golden Vapors  in Pigeon Forge Tn.

Golden Vapors Pigeon Forge is our newest location.  The owners son, Tim, is the manager there.  He has been with us since shortly after we opened in 2013, so he knows how I want things ran, and the in’s and out’s of our business.  Tim knows our products well, from starter kits, and basic ego batteries, on up to the advanced personal vaporizers, mods, and Authentic products.  We are very customer orientated and will treat you right.

You can find our Pigeon Forge vapor store in the Pine Mountain Plaza, just before stoplight 6, headed towards Gatlinburge.   If you miss our drives, and see Shoney’s, just pull in and come back – the parking lots are connected.

Golden Vapors Pigeon Forge is a very large store, with plenty of room for our product offering to grow.  Also, there is a lot of room for big get-to-gathers, like cloud competitions, and such.    As we grow, we will ad more products, either more vapor products, or other, but we have a lot of empty space that will need filled in the months to come.

We have a very comfortable corner section couch to kick back, and hang out with your friends, or family, and chat with our employees about vaping or whatnot.  The Pigeon Forge vapor store also has a beautiful solid oak vape bar, so you can try our the flavors.  Along with that, you will see a huge selection of vapor products from ego starter kits, to vision spinner batteries, on up to variable voltage and wattage devices.    We also have a case full of Authentic and cloned mods and atty’s, including the full line of USA made Limitless mods, and all of their sleeves.

We will soon have custom shirts, and mods for the Pigeon Forge vape store.  They are in the design stage right now, and will begin showing up as each item gets made.  Things that are not even available at our main store in Cleveland Tn.

The Pigeon Forge store is hard to find right now… our signs are going to be put up near the end of July, and then you will be able to see us when your driving down the street, but for now, just follow the directions above and when you pull into the plaza, come past Papa Johns and the tobacco store, and we are at the end of that building.  You will see our Temporary signs in the windows.  Come on in and say Hi!  We would love to see you.

Both locations have their own Facebook page.  Like and follow them to keep up on in store and on line specials.  We run Facebook specific contests all the time, so be sure to watch for contest posts to win vape juice and other great vaping prizes.


GoldenVapors.Com is also a thing…

Remember, everything we have in store, we also sell on line, at http://goldenvapors.com .  Right now, on line sales are on hold… our merchant account decided that they do not allow vapor stores to sell on line.  This is being taken care of, and we will have a new merchant account up and running in the next few days.