Just a quick post on the blog roll to announce that we are fully set up in our new location, the lab is fully operational, and we are selling our premium vape juice to vapor stores, gas stations, and other locations, that do not make their own line of vape juice.

If you have a retail store of any kind, and wish to carry some great tasting USA made, premium vape juice that will keep customers coming back for more, then please go to our wholesale page to get more information.

We have great pricing for our bulk customers.  It is sold on our brown glass dropper bottle with a heat shrink seal.  The brown glass helps protect it from sunlight, and the liquids seem to taste better from glass than plastic.  The heat shrink seal lets you know it has not been tampered with in transit to your store, for yours and your customers peace of mind.

Also, you are covered under our manufacturing insurance, for sales to your customers.  And, our wholesale buyers enjoy increased savings with larger, and more frequent orders, so the busier you get, the more profit you earn.

For more information, please go here: