After about a year of thinking about it, doing a ton of research, and about 1.5 years of making vape juice for myself, and some others, we finally opened a store of our own.  Golden Vapors.     We are located at 46 25th st. NW, Cleveland, Tn.

We have a pretty wide variety of vaping supplies from the basic Ego starter kits, on up to the mods, and rebuildable atomizers.  Our Ego kits come in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose your favorite color.  They come with 2 batteries, a wall and USB charger, 2 clearomizers, and a needle tip bottle for easy filling for your clearomizers, as well as a nice leather carrying case/ travel case.  They come in 650 mah and 1100 mah sizes.

We currently have several kinds of mods available, like the Innokin 134, in black and silver, the MVP2 kit, and SVD express kit.  There is also the Vamo v3 full starter kit that comes with everything you need, except vape juice.  Oh, and we have some real nice looking e-pipes, and a few other mechanical mods.  More will be arriving.

At the time of this post, we have 25 of our own flavors, made right here, in our own lab area.  We use all USA made ingredients, all top grade for your safety.  Hey, I vape the stuff too, so I know it is good.  Come on in and try out the flavors and see which ones you like best.

Now that we have been open for a couple of weeks, we are seeing what our top selling flavors are.  We are getting new things in every few weeks, and more is on the way now.  We have 22 new flavor bases on the way, so look for new flavors to roll out towards the end of next week, then through the following week.

For the ones that build their own atomizers, we have some real good, high quality, USA made, kanthol wire sold in 30 foot spools.   If your just getting started into rebuilding and need some assistance, come in and talk to me, Tim, the owner.  I will be glad to show you how to get started making your own coils.  It is no as hard as you might think, and the flavor is way better than clearomizers…

If dripping is not your thing, we have Pro-tank 2’s with the changeable drip tips, as well as the mini pro-tank 2’s.  We carry Genuine Vision Vivi-Novas, and Kanger T 3’s.   We carry replacement coils for them all.  For more of a standard clearomizer, you may like our basic ones, or the newer vision Nano clearomizers.

I hope to see you here soon.

Tim L