Our products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Wholesale, USA made, e-liquid / Vape Juice.

If you own a vapor store, or a convenience store, or even a tobacco store, we would love to get our premium vape juice (e-liquid) on your shelf.   With Golden Vapors premium eliquid on your shelf, you will add to your sales, as the word gets out.  We have some great classic flavors, as well as many of our own unique blends that keep customers coming back for more.

We offer great pricing on our full line of premium vape juice for your store.  Please send wholesale inquiries to wholesale at goldenvapors.com with your retail merchants, or sales and use tax license attached.  We will reply to you within 24 hours, but usually the same day. Samples are available for licensed retail merchants.

Diacetyl Free

We use only US sourced ingredients, including our PG, VG, and Nicotine.   All of it is double refined for purity before it gets to our lab.   Then, we ad diacetyl free, food grade flavorings.  There are no artificial coloring’s of any kind in our vape juice.  That kills coils, and we don’t want our customers to have issues like that from our vape juice.  All of our flavors used are 100% Diacetyl free.    Diacetyl is a chemical used in many food items to give the food that buttery flavor.  Diacetyl is used in foods like popcorn and some candies.  While it’s FDA approved to eat, it’s not something you want to inhale.

The use of diacetyl in eliquid is not safe considered safe, even though the amounts are 800 times less than what is in a tobacco cigarette.  Heated diacetyl produces a toxic and potentially lethal gas.  ”It just devastates their lungs,” obliterative bronchiolitis, or “popcorn lung.” It puts blisters in lungs that can scar over and make breathing extremely hard, or worse… over time.


Quality Manufactured, and quality insured!

Another key factor in choosing Golden Vapors Vape Juice over many other places, is that our manufacturing insurance covers our liquids, not only in our store, but in yours as well. It covers you, and your customers, just in case it is ever needed.   Since we are a direct importer of our e-cig products, and a manufacturer of our own eliquid, we wanted to make sure that we were covered, and with wholesaling in mind, we made sure it covered our products in your store as well.  Not many places are confident enough to insure their products in your stores.  We fully stand behind our product.

Premium E Liquid Ingredients

As for premium ingredients…   We use only USA sourced VG, and PG.  Both are re-refined to Pharma grade, at our suppliers lab, as well as our pure nicotine from Nicselect.   We want only the best, and pay extra for it.    Our flavors come from several different food flavoring companies.  We can’t get away with only using one source for flavors, because no single flavor company makes everything to our liking.  So we get what works from each one.

Our vape juice lab

We create all of our vape juice in a high quality, clean lab, for customer safety and satisfaction.  We use stainless steel, and glass equipment, and wear appropriate gloves, masks, hair nets, and coverings while in the lab area.  We take customers safety, and enjoyment, into consideration with every bottle we make.

Some of our premium flavors require steeping.  The more complex blends, as well as most tobacco flavors, require the right temperature and time, to fully blend into their fully finished flavor.  We take this into account, and pre-steep any flavors that require it, before it is bottled.  When it arrives to your store, it is ready to sell and vape, right then.. not in a few weeks, like some other places e-liquids.  We have about 50 great flavors right now, and we come out with new flavors as time permits.

Our standard nicotine levels are:  0, 1.5, 3, 6, 12, 18, and 24 .

Cloud line nic levels are:  0, 1.5, 3, 6, (and 12 upon request) Our cloud line is all 80% VG or higher.

However, we will gladly make nic levels to your custom requirements.

Easy to get started selling our premium e-liquids.

Your first order needs to be $500, which is not a large order at all,  then restock orders can be anything over $250.   This makes reorders quick and simple, so you can stock them up as you see what is selling out.  We offer free shipping on all orders of $1000 or more.

We process orders in the order received, but do our best to ship every order within 2 to 3 business days, depending on the size of the order.

We offer our wholesale eliquid in our 15 ml, and 30 ml,  brown glass bottles, with  tamper evident seals, on a child resistant cap in bulk orders.   Our bottles and labeling complies with the new FDA rules, and has since June 2015.

Get started today!

To start selling our Vape Juice, please send your request, and copy of your resale certificate, or sales tax license to wholesale at goldenvapors.com .  We will be glad to send you a sample pack of our best sellers for you to try.   We think once you taste our Vape Juice, you will want it on your shelves.

No Longer a T.S.F.A. Member store.

We supported the TSFA since it started, and were always treated like an outcast by their staff.  It is a shame too, because after I decided not to renew, I learned that other stores were treated the same way.  The TSFA supports reasonable laws and regulation for the vapor industry within TN, and the USA. Being a supporting member store of your states group(s) will help keep bad legislation from destroying your industry in your state.  It is a shame we are no longer a member, but it would be nice if they treated all stores equally.  I cant see paying for membership and being treated in that manor.

We now support via CASSA, and VTA.  The VTA seems to be a strong leader in the Washington DC fight for now.


Business owners, support the electronic cigarette industry by visiting CASAA.  It is a research organization that supports harm reduction technologies, as well as provide and support political and legal causes that preserve consumer freedom. You can support CASAA’s goals by advocating for reasonable laws for products such as electronic cigarettes at http://www.casaa.org/   There is a lot of research listed on their  site that you may also find to be very helpful in owning an e-cigarette store.